Melissa and Blair’s Wedding

Two weeks ago was one just amazing weekend. It all kicked off with a wonderful dinner at Tin Table on Capital Hill with the family – mom, dad, blair, jennie, jennie and david, amy and robert, and taylor and suzi. We had an amazing table, literally a tin table for all 10 of us. After dinner, we all headed over to Grey Gallery and Lounge where (slightly awkwardly) there was a gallery showing of Glitterporn. Quite humorous to see the looks on the faces of my parents.

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Oregon Getaway

IMG_1700After an amazing roadtrip that started in San Francisco and ended in San Francisco, finally after a couple months there are some pictures to share. The trip took us up the California coast to Redwood State Park, then onward up the Oregon coast, through Portland, over to Hood River, down to some hippie hot springs (end up not being our thing), and wrapped up in Crater Lake National Park. Overall a spectacular trip, will be posting a trip summary later.

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