Thank you CHP

Dear CHP, thank you. Thank you for blocking our bike path in Marin. Thank you for making us go out in a busy street to avoid your absurd parking job. Thank you for parking illegally in a cross walk with no regard for pedestrians and cyclist. Thank you for being so kind to only think of yourself as you pulled over this Subaru Forester with a bike on it. I mean, Forester people are nice, they probably weren’t going to try and run away from you on this dead end street, so you could have gone just 10ft further to give us a clear and safe crossing of the road. But no, that was too much to ask. So pedestrians and cyclist had to move outside of a safe crossing and into the road. Thank you CHP, check out your picture below.

For our ride details, we were cruising up through Sausalito and just hit the Mill Valley-Sausalito bike path at Mike’s Bikes. The CHP was parked at the intersection of Pohono and Shoreline Highway, see the map below.

In general though, I do appreciate the CHP. They generally keep us pretty safe and were very helpful when a car nailed my car on HWY 101.

If you find this annoying too, please send this to the CHP (, Marin County Bicycle Coalition, and San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

Thanks again CHP for the amazing parking job.