Melissa and Blair’s Wedding

Two weeks ago was one just amazing weekend. It all kicked off with a wonderful dinner at Tin Table on Capital Hill with the family – mom, dad, blair, jennie, jennie and david, amy and robert, and taylor and suzi. We had an amazing table, literally a tin table for all 10 of us. After dinner, we all headed over to Grey Gallery and Lounge where (slightly awkwardly) there was a gallery showing of Glitterporn. Quite humorous to see the looks on the faces of my parents.

The next day, the festivities commenced with the rehearsal, where Melissa and Blair shined and buffered out the last minute flow. After a little hemming and hawing, it was settled upon and the rehearsal was a wrap, the kids were all giddy, and the rehearsal dinner was fast approaching. Mom and Dad bolted for Bellevue to get all the center pieces and last-minute details arranged, while Jennie, John, Heidi, and I rallied the rehearsal party onto the big-ole bus. Surprisingly gathering and loading  40 people on the bus was a breeze, was thinking it was going to be like herding cats, but alas it was easy . . . and off we go with Blair playing tour guide. “And to the south, we have Mount Rainier . . . we are crossing Lake Washington now on a floating bridge, imagine that, a floating bridge.” Then we arrive at The Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center and bottles crack, wine is poured, and the festivities kick off like the fireworks after a Ken Griffey Jr. blast over the right field wall.

So the rehearsal dinner is an absolute blast. All the family, all the friends, great spread of food, and the consummate hosts in Mom and Dad. They were mixing and mingling with grace, while Melissa and Blair were getting hounded for photos and glamour shots. The dinner was savory, almost as savory as the toasts. Dad kicked it off with a classic and honored toast to the bride and groom. Promptly followed by me, then duane, robert, Dr. Hackbarth, leonard, margaret, and jeanne. All-in-all, it was one amazing rehearsal dinner and couldn’t imagine a better evening. On the way home, the youngin’s primed for a night at Vessel where drinks and merriment continued.

And wedding day rolls around. We joined Blair for a casual breakfast up north to calm his nerves and then add some pressure on, ante up some anticipation and excitement. After breakfast, Blair and I ran some errands for last minute things, like DJ equipment . . . little things like that. I started to notice that Blair was acting a little funny, apparently the nerves were getting a little stronger. Errands are done and Blair is sent on his way to relax and have a couple hours of downtime. So Blair arrives at the hotel for me to take him to the first round of photos with Melissa along the waterfront and you can visibly see the excitement, this boy is all juiced up on life, but his tie is a disaster and has the wrong color belt. Problems solved and we are on our way.

The wedding goes off without a hitch, everybody is stunning – Melissa’s dress is drop-dead gorgeous and Blair looks all prim-and-proper in his perfectly tailored custom suit. The setting is amazing inside the Olympic Sculpture Park, complete with beautiful singing that brought tears most of the guys (Dad was sobbing), a perfect kiss, and a one-man band (see below) to bring in the celebration. It was now time for the reception — full of great food, fun toasts, too much cake, and dancing until rubber burned on our shoes. Jennie brought all the Taylor and Payson families to the dance floor for dance-off of the ages.

It was a weekend to remember. Congratulations to Melissa and Blair.

More pictures of the weekend here.

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