Open Letter to Mayor Lee, Director Reiskin, and Supervisor Wiener

Below is a quick letter to Mayor Lee, Director Reiskin, and Supervisor Wiener regarding a couple transit and mobility observations from my daily commute and our the Elgin Park neighborhood.


Dear Mayor Lee, Director Reiskin, and Supervisor Wiener,

First off, I think all three of you are doing a wonderful job in your respective positions. I applaud your refreshed political leadership styles that are a positive move to reforming the political landscape in San Francisco. I have a couple items that I would like to share with you.

Dreamforce and oracle openworld
During the recent Dreamforce conference and other conferences that close Howard Street, traffic downtown was a headache and snarled mobility. It was noticeably slower travel on all modes of transit (cab, Muni – above ground, and bicycle). I believe there could have been additional measures taken to mitigate these traffic concerns, including such things as:

  • More Traffic Officers at a wider selection of intersections
  • Stronger enforcement at intersections to prevent blocking of cross traffic when the lights changed
  • Temporary right turn restrictions from westbound Mission onto 3rd Street, from 3rd Street onto Market Street and from Market Street onto New Montgomery Street
  • Stronger enforcement of Transit-only lanes on Mission Street
  • Temporary extension of westbound Transit-only lanes on Mission Street from 1st Street to 3rd Street
  • I know these just a few ideas that may or may not have merit in broader transit planning for these conferences and that your teams likely have numerous options and implications to consider. But, I believe it is important to offer feedback as the traffic situation had a noticeable impact on downtown mobility.

Kearny and market intersection
Secondly, as a daily pedestrian or cyclist that uses the Market Street and Kearny Street intersection, I believe the current configuration poses safety concerns. Several of the concerns that I see include the following, with suggested solutions for consideration: Continue reading