Environmental What? Hampton Inn and their styrofoam abundance

This last weekend out entire Taylor family was in Rockport/Fulton for a family reunion. We had an amazing vacation in the sweltering heat and I was sure to get my Sonic and BBQ fix (Black’s BBB in Lockhart – twice!!) while in the south. More to come on the family reunion, but in the meantime I wanted to write about the abundance of styrofoam in Texas. One, it is ridiculous. Two, it is sad. Three, there are perfectly good alternatives.

The Hampton Inn was a particularly interesting culprit. They gave us a free breakfast each day, which was super tasty and offered good variety. Granted in wasn’t Brenda’s, Mama’s, or Universal Cafe (some of our SF favorites), but for a standard breakfast, we were pretty pleased and enjoyed it. What was disappointing was the gross abundance of styrofoam. Everything thing was on styrofoam – the plates and bowls. The utensils were all plastic and the cups all plastic too, except for the coffee cups. The coffee cups were compostable paper cups — which I applaud them for — except for the fact that compostable coffee cups are as good as trash when not composted correctly. So I simply ask, what’s the point of doing compostable coffee cups when 1) everything else is styrofoam and 2) there isn’t a compost bin.

It would be amazing if the Hampton Inn would just switch from styrofoam plates to paper plates, but then make the next step to move to all compostable plates and compost bins in the garbage area in the back. The Texas heat would break that organic matter down in no time at all and there would be nutrient rich matter for all the plants, flowers, and trees on the Hampton Inn property. Even better yet, could the Hampton Inn partner with a science teacher from the local high school to do environmental studies on the decomposition of compostable matter? This would be a great learning opportunity for any classroom.

Since I don’t believe griping alone carries any merit unless there is something relevant that I will do to make a change, next time I stay at a hotel that includes a morning breakfast, I will take my own set of utensils, plate, and coffee mug so I can at least do my part.

I leave you with two photos from the breakfast, longing for the day when the Hampton Inn takes environmental responsibility seriously, not just lip service with their compostable cups.

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